Signs that your mattress is getting in the way of a good night’s sleepNews

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In today's hyper-modern and accelerated society, there is way too much to do and often not enough time. It is a known fact that your body needs enough sleep to revitalize and rejuvenate each night to give you sufficient energy for the subsequent day. And if there is the slightest of chance that you suspect your mattress is giving you less than a good night’s sleep then it is definitely time for you to think of buying a new mattress! (Don’t worry! We have you covered)

We have all been long blaming blue lighttechnologythe temperature in the room, naps and what not for hampering our sleep but how often do we actually blame our mattresses for that? We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and yet many of us are fine to settle for just any mattress. But do you know how much it affects your sleep quality and as a result, your health? The mattress you sleep in every night should support your body and pressure points and not be the reason you wake up every morning with body aches or pains. 

The lack of a good support can mess with the alignment of your spine and could cause aches and pains and in turn lack of adequate quality sleep thereof. It’s high time that you invest in your health and sleep by buying a good mattress now! (Check out the ultimate mattress guide OR take our unique quiz and choose from a variety of mattresses from SleepCart). In order to get to sleep, a good mattress that offers enough support is extremely vital to get us in a good, comfortable position, ensuring a sound sleep.

Sleeping on an old, uncomfortable mattress can lead to stress buildup. This vicious cycle affects the quality of your sleep heavily and you wake up tired, lacking any energy. There can be serious repercussions if you continue to get inadequate quality sleep. You may start to experience elevated anxiety and confusion. In the long run, stress and sleep disturbances may lead to depression or other psychological problems. Sleep deprivation messes up our circadian rhythm and weakens our metabolism, often leading to weight gain. Sleeping on the right mattress can turn your whole life around decreasing the chances of binge eating and weight gain.

According to a survey by Fitbit, a consumer electronics and fitness company, India is the second most sleep-deprived country with an average night sleep of under 7 hours, only after Japan. If your mattress does not properly support your body, then even a long night's sleep is not going to make you feel particularly well-rested. There are chances you may even wake up in the morning feeling sore or experiencing some type of aching. On the other hand, you will be able to feel fully rested on the perfect mattress, even if you get fewer hours of sleep. Can you imagine what a long sleep on the perfect mattress would feel like!

There is plenty of research that shows the importance of quality sleep. Most healthy adults require7 to 9 hours of sound sleep a night, yet there are at least 40 percent who get less than the recommended hours. Quality sleep can do wonders and improve the overall quality of your life and performance in n number of ways. Lack of sleep hampers one’s cognition, leading to impaired focusing, alertness, attentiveness, rational thinking and problem-solving. People who don’t get enough quality sleep have a 63 percent higher risk of being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease than people who do. In contrast, when you regain your sleep health, you will feel better and be healthier than ever with improved ability to fight-off infections, be efficient at work and so on. Not only is this going to benefit you but your improved mood and perspective will also benefit your relationships with others.

So, here’s some much needed sleep wisdom- eat light supper, avoid caffeine, take a hot shower before bedtime and invest in a good mattress. Believes, this is the secret to getting a great night’s sleep.