"Sleep better with SleepCart"

There is a saying that a comfortable bed & shoes – both are important for our health since we are either in one or the other!

Sleeping well is the key to being fit and being in charge of your day. In fact, we spend almost one-third of our lives in bed. Depravity of sleep leads to serious inattention, loss of focus, and affects your immune system. When we harness the power of sleep, we are fresher and fitter self, ready to take charge of our body and mind.

Yet, when it comes to buying a mattress or any other sleep product offline, do we really spend a lot of time researching about what we should buy, do we simply put ourselves at the mercy of the retailer who “pushes” us to buy what he wants to sell us?

The idea behind SleepCart is to shift the paradigm of purchasing mattresses & other sleep products from offline retailers, and allow for trustworthy online purchase where one could browse through various leading brands, read interesting blogs to help make an informed decision and then find the perfectly suited product at the best price – all at the comfort of their homes and at the click of a button.

SleepCart offers wonderfully crafted mattresses that one can choose from and a whole series of other sleep-inducing goodies, all delivered right at your doorstep. We are here to give you the sleep you need to rise and shine in the world. From mattresses with unique contour tracks, extremely soft bed sheets, super comfy pillows, bed frames with impressive storage, and an even incredible duvet that actually stay at the corner of the cover; we have you literally covered. But we know that amazing products alone cannot make all the change. That’s why you will find us mingling with a whole host of sleep-wellness partners and campaigning - day in & day out- for utterly precious sleep everywhere.

Rishi Gaekwad-Founder

Rishi has played a key role in the delivery of SleepCart build strategy, leading the brand launch and the setting of the marketing strategy. With more than 2 decades of rich experience with some of the thoroughbred Indian & Sri Lankan companies in the leadership roles, Rishi realized that it is important to have a consultative approach rather than a push-based while offering a hassle-free customer experience. Hence, the idea to start SleepCart. At his core are optimism, energy, simplicity, and great design.

Sai Prasad-Co Founder

An Indian Oil Corporation distributor and Entrepreneur by profession Before this, he spent more than 20 yrs experience in Domestic Retail and Public Distribution Systems. With variant roles in early-stage businesses, he has won several awards for consumer satisfaction. He spent many precious years helping owner-managers to grow the business with his huge technical knowledge. He has been giving service to 15000 customers every month.