If your mattress has noticeable dents or lumps or its springs are protruding, then it's time to replace it. The non visible signs that your mattress has worn out include:
  1. Waking up sore
  2. You hear creak or groans
  3. Not getting a good night's sleep
  4. Active allergies because of dust mites
  5. If you require extra support
  6. It's 7-10 years old

Mattress prices range greatly: from about Rs.5,000 to over Rs.50,000 for a durable technology mattress. Buying the best mattress in your budget is one of the best investments for a good night's sleep. Most of us spend about 0ne-third of our lifetime in bed. Your investment will cost less than Rs.5 per night in the ten years life of the mattress. The amount of money you should ideally spend depends on many factors and the type of mattresses you are looking for.

Memory foam is has the ability to return to its original shape slowly after pressure is released by contouring the pressure. It provides an aligned feeling for sleepers.

HR foam or High Resilience foam is much higher responsive foam than memory foam. This provides less of a sinking feeling and gives more bounce to the mattress.

Bonded foam is made up of scrap polyurethane, which provides good back support. This type of foam is used in orthopedic mattresses to offer the extra support needed to the back and shoulders.

Latex foam consists of latex in natural or synthetic variety. This kind of foam is bouncy, durable, cooling and natural latex is free of chemicals.

SleepCart covers a wide range of brands. As of now, you can purchase the mattresses from the following brands:
  1. Duroflex
  2. Emma
  3. Flo
  4. Sleepycat
  5. King Koil
  6. Livpure
  7. Sleepyhead
  8. Hush
  9. Springfit
  10. Coirfit
  11. and many more leading brands to be available soon

SleepCart offers the following options to choose from:
  1. PU Foam Mattress
  2. Memory Foam Mattress
  3. Latex Mattress
  4. Pocketed Spring Mattress
  5. Bonnell Spring Mattress
  6. Coir Mattress Hybrid Mattress

A spring mattress is a traditional mattress made up of steel or metal coils surrounded by layers of other materials to provide comfort and support. They have a short break-in period and provide more relaxed sleep.

Bonnell spring mattress has hourglass-shaped metal springs interconnected using a metal wire. These mattresses are supportive, relaxed, and provide ample space for easy movement.

Pocketed spring mattress has hundreds of springs encased in soft cotton packets. The springs are cozy and springy, giving the excellent mattress support and adjusting according to the owner’s contour. Pocketed spring also stops motion from travelling across the mattress, letting one’s partner sleep undisturbed

The advantages of pocketed spring mattress are:
  1. Durable and last long
  2. Offer and improves blood circulation for better sleep
  3. Prevent movement while sleeping
  4. People of different weight can sleep on this mattress

To maintain the mattress in good shape for a long:
  1. Use a mattress protector from the starting
  2. Regularly wash bed linens
  3. Don’t let kids jump on the bed
  4. Regularly rotate the mattress
  5. Let the light in occasionally
  6. Follow the cleaning directions provided by the manufacturer

Yes, it is advised to air the mattress regularly so that there are minimum germs and allergens. The mattress should be circulated so that all sides can air out and not only the top.

Generally, your mattress should last for 7-10 years. It can last longer depending on factors like how often you sleep on it, what type of mattress it is, and how much weight it withstands, along with what measures are taken to maintain it.

To decide the right mattress for you, the following factors need to be considered:
  1. Your sleeping position- stomach/side/back
  2. Firmness- The preferred range is 3-7 on the firmness scale
  3. Your weight
  4. Kind of support you are looking for
  5. Budget
Read the description of all mattresses before deciding the one for you and choose the one that checks almost all boxes. SleepCart has a unique Slumber Quiz that can help you make an informed decision based on the parameters mentioned above.

Mattress protectors are needed for:
  1. Keeping the mattress clean
  2. Giving the ‘new like’ feel to the mattress for long
  3. Protecting the warranty
  4. Preventing dust mite allergies from acting up

SleepCart provides the option to choose from all standard sizes. The availability of a particular mattress size depends on the brand you choose.

All the mattresses available on SleepCart come in the following firmness levels:
  1. Firm
  2. Medium Firm
  3. Soft
  4. Medium Soft
You can choose any mattress as per your firmness needs.

Yes. To prevent premature sagging and equal wear on each side, turn the mattress three to four times a year.

It helps extend the life of the mattress and even out the normal wear and tear. This helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

Always use a mattress protector. Stains are inevitable, but you can protect your mattress by using a good mattress protector. Also the fresh spots/stains can be cleaned using a stain remover.

While conducting a mattress comparison, focus on the following features:
  1. Type of mattress
  2. The material the mattress is made up of
  3. Support and comfort quality
  4. Overall firmness as per your sleeping posture
  5. Climatic conditions of the place where you live
  6. Read reviews and specifications
  7. Consider price


All the products available on SleepCart are delivered in safe packaging following all necessary sanitization and hygiene precautions. Our delivery partners and trained staff look after the shipping to ensure social distancing and contactless delivery.

SleepCart offers many payment options to provide maximum flexibility and accommodate everyone's needs. The following payment options are currently available on SleepCart:
  1. All Visa & Master Credit Cards
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Net Banking with all leading Indian Banks
  4. All leading payment UPIs
  5. American Express Credit Card

SleepCart offers secure payments as it doesn't store or even collect your account or card details. The transactions have multi-point authorization- first by the payment gateway and then by MasterCard/Visa/Banks directly without any information passing through us.

Yes. The taxes for each product differ and are calculated at the time of checkout.

Yes. SleepCart offers free shipping for all orders above Rs.1000.

As of now, SleepCart doesn't provide Cash-on-Delivery.

The delivery time of every product differs and is mentioned in the product description.

To check the item's availability, enter your delivery pin code on the item page before adding it to the cart.

The beds are delivered split into two boxes. The headboard, footboard, and the slats to put up on the sides and middle are provided.


We try our best to deliver quality products to you. Still, in case of any mishandling, you can return the item without any hassle because of the Free and Easy return policy of partnering brands on SleepCart website

All partnering brands on SleepCart website offers hassle-free returns only for the following reasons:
  1. Damaged Goods
  2. Manufacturing defect
  3. Incorrect Item
  4. Incomplete goods
It is advisable to read the return/exchange instructions mentioned in the product description as it may differ from brand to brand. Also please refer to the Return Policy in the website for more details

Please refer the return policy in the website for details

Your comfort is our top priority! Please refer the return policy in the website

We recommend you to measure beforehand with the right tools. But in case you are not satisfied, you can return the order within 7 days of delivery. Please refer to the Return Policy in the website for more details

Please ensure that the product to be returned is in its original packing. In the same condition, it was delivered to you. All tags, guarantee/warranty cards, and accessories should be present at the time of return.

You can avail free and easy return every time you shop with SleepCart. Please refer to Return Policy in the website for more details

The pick-up time and refund initiation depend on the pick-up location, and relevant details can be found at the time of return.


Yes, but the availability of the warranty varies from product to product. The warranty period also differs for every brand. You can find the necessary details at the time of checkout. You may also refer to the Warranty Policy in the website for more details.

The warranty terms of mattresses are unique for every brand. Please read the essential details mentioned in the product description before checking out. You may also refer to the Warranty Policy in the website for more details.

The warranty does not apply to cuts and scratches caused by accidents or due to normal wear and tear, products that have been assembled or installed incorrectly and used inappropriately. You may also refer to the Warranty Policy in the website for more details.
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